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Coupling on Tractor T-150, T-151K, T-156

On the diesel CMD is set friction, double-disk, permanently closed clutch with automatic movement of the intermediate disc when you turn it on. It is equipped with a drum tormozkom and its drive - pneumatic booster off. Clutch with a diesel engine is fully balanced assembly. Therefore, to save the "factory" balancing directly before the disassembly of the clutch it is mandatory to put a mark on the flywheel housing, and the intermediate pressure plate, so that their relative positions after assembly and disassembly is not changed. For balancing the diesel engine to the flywheel can be set balancing screws, remove that should not be at the coupling disassembly.

When the diesel engine clutch provides soft switching speeds and very smooth start movement. The clutch is on the flywheel and the locked iron body.

In all clutch plate clutches are present torsional vibration dampers respective spring-friction type. The resilient damper element is an eight coil springs of circular cross section, which are evenly located throughout without exception hub flange circumferentially.

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