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Frame, suspension

frame and the tractor Suspension models of T-150, T-151K, T-156

basis tractor is sharnirosochlenennaya frame which consists of the rear and front half-frames which in turn are interconnected by vertical and horizontal hinges .

front frame is a carrier for the power unit, as follows: diesel, the main clutch with the lantern housing, gearbox shift, transfer case, which form between them a single unit mounted on rezinometalicheskih dampers Running ustroyst in represents the four wheels (several) of equal diameter with tires 23.1R26 mod.F-37 (12 ply). Tire sizes up 1596h587 mm. Air pressure is 0.08-0.17 MPa, kg / cm2

poluramy maximum rotation angle in the vertical plane is 15 degrees.

The front axle is suspended by suspension springs, with two longitudinal hydraulic shock absorbers and the rear bridge in turn very tightly bonded to the frame.

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