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Gear box

CAT T150 tractor T151K, T156

CAT T150 tractor T151K, T156 is for the diesel engine and the clutch sleeve. Transmission with gears constant mesh and gidropodzhimnymi couplings provides twelve speeds forward movement (represented by three ranges of four speeds in each), and four reverse speeds provided.

The gear shift is carried out by turning the spool valve without cardinality ruptures flows through the transfer of recharge, which is turned off by means of a flow divider valve together with the slide valve shut-off, which in turn are built into the distributor.

azdatochnaya box is also a mechanical dual-band, and with constant mesh gear wheels, it transmits torque to the real disconnects the front axle and the rear axle always-on tractors.

The parking brake is located on the drive front axle. Drives for the pumps hydraulic Transmission systems, steering and attachment, as well as drive to enable independent PTO located directly in the dispensing box.

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