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Steering, pto

Steering and PTO shaft for a tractor models of T-150, T-151K, T-156

Rotation tractor is performed using the "crease" tractor frame about a vertical pivot two cylinders steering rotation through the angle equal to thirty degrees in either direction from the starting position. Hydromechanical steering system tractors T-150, T-151, T-156 includes:

  • worm steering mechanism with a shutoff valve and control valve, which provides proportional steering wheel turn the oil flow to the corresponding cavities of hydraulic cylinders, and the cylinders are locked during the driver inaction;
  • feed-section pinion hydraulic pump drive which constantly inserted directly from a diesel engine;
  • flow valve which provides a constant flow amount by weight and to distributor is directly dependent on the rotational speed of the crankshaft of a diesel engine;
  • hydraulic tank filters, suction and discharge Hepa removable paper filter elements;
  • feedback rod with the pivot arm, rear frame and fry, which provides tracking of proportionality rotation.

    PTO gearbox (PTO) with independent drive is located on the rear section. Drive thereto is performed by means of the driveline. In itself, the inclusion of the drive PTO, as well as management gidropodzhimnoy PTO clutch gearbox comes with a lever on the driver's seat.

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