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Engine SMD-31 Harvester DON

Diesel SMD-31A, four-stroke, six-cylinder. Power status. 255 hp inline six-cylinder with neposr. fuel injection, liquid cooling, intercooling and turbocharged air which is injected into the cylinders, as well as 2-stupench. Air purification.
engine racpolozhen front threshers around the cabin that allows to increase the angle of lateral stability and capacity of the hopper and to improve the operation of the cooling system.


On both sides of the crankshaft shown in power:. front - drive pump hydraulic drive chassis, rear - drive working bodies
Tsilindy located coarse canvas. Eg. engine speed (on the side opposite the flywheel) clockwise
fuel pump is a 2-section. Distributor Type right rotation, with mechanically. porshn.tipa multimode regulator and priming pump. Nozzle FD-22M CLOSE. type with fixed. spray with 4 nozzle openings.

The plant "Hammer and Sickle" produced the most numerous family of diesel engines for SMD with / x tehn. - harvesters, tractors and other SMD-31A.. mounted on a combine harvester «Don-1500" Rostov plant production of "Rostselmash».

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