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Maize harvester DON-1500

is required for the combine harvester cutting, forming and conveying grain mass flow equal to the threshing apparatus. When separate harvesting header is needed for the selection of grain mass from the roll and feed it into the threshing apparatus. Header produce various sizes differing widths.

suspension mechanism and balancing header

The construction enables the field work kopir.relefa or without.

In If you work with the copy of the header casing rests on sliding on the Stand. field and supported. set height of cut shoes.

The design of the fur-ZMA balancing automatically provides post. Clogs pressure level of the soil with any distortions header.
Longitudinal copying it from the deviation of header horizon. position upwards - downwards) is ± 150 mm and depends on the working width of the header

Cross copying (transverse tilt) header manager.. the width of its capture.

guide shoes is not very good glide on both loose soil and wet, increasing fuel consumption on movement. In such cases, the mechanism is turned off and continue to work with a margin of boots on the ground. Without a copier. and work on uneven terrain.

Cutting required for plants cut. In the header put: segment-cutting finger gated element bespaltsevoy or segment-finger cutter is open

On a segment-finger.. cutting. machine from the installed e-ton segment with a movable knife and short fingers with inserts.

Knives cutting ann. reciprocating movement. In vremyadvizheiya combine in the gaps between fixed e-ter cutting ann. includes stalks, mobile e-mail, you are pressed and cut them.

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