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tilt the camera Harvester DON

It is necessary for the transportation of grain mass with the spacer directly to the thresher. It includes a cover to the housing, the drive shaft, the lower the output shaft and the chain-and-slat conveyor. To connect to the spacer body equipped with hooks and screws for the screed. Conveyor movement is given via a pulley arranged on it a safety frictions. coupling with krutyasch.momentom 150 N * m. The shaft requires both drive chain transmission parts reaper.

Floating conveyor

Need for transporovaniya stems from the auger to the receiving chamber thresher and installed in the feeder. It includes input and output shafts, which is worth 3 stars. Asterisks dressed bush roller chain wear on the sprocket with steel straps attached to a chain in a staggered manner. Motion to be smooth on the lower branches of the circuits installed dammed. Polozkov, pressing Polozkov to chains gives spring which acts on the tensioning lever DEVICE.
conveyor driven shaft is hung in a hooded. building on a spring and can prisposabl. to a layer thickness of the stems. At receipt of a thick layer of grain mass lying lower shaft. chain stretch is set screws so that the compressed length of the spring tensioning. DEVICE status. 90 ... 95 mm. For preserved. the gap between the slats and the bottom in the range of 5 - 10 mm, between the nuts and bolts Trailing sidewall gon camera pose washers. The spring suspension is necessary to clamp the driven shaft so he could rise up to 50 mm and float over the grain mass.
The drive is equipped with a pulley will prevent. frictions. clutch transmission switch-off in case of overload. conveyor speed of 2.91 m / s.

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