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Grind Don-1500

Includes a housing and side panels mounted thereon stably threshing drum beater concave adjustment mechanism and rocker shaker disposed on the side panels and lips. where the knowledge and drive shafts, built-in sieve cleaning and CVT with avtomatich.ustr PTO drive belt tension in the head. created by the load. It is key shaker set at an angle to vetroreshetnoy cleaning, thereby reducing loss of grain from straw gathering keys. However, during the harvest of straw crops low RH. there is a strong thrashing straw with a pom. threshing drum and a large angle of FPIC keys. increased count vanishing both grain and small of straw particles on vetroreshetnuyu purification overloading these it and increasing the flow of grain similar to vetroreshetnoy purification.

loss reduction thresher

Grain Loss Reduction of grind is performed by rev. the angle of the walkers and depends on the status. harvested crops, thereby increasing flexibility and Univers. thresher DON-1500.
The threshing drum 10 is present right and left pests eg. reefs. Concave is Simplex, reversible welded construction, an angle of 130 degrees.

It is possible to lower the shutter drum deck (100 mm) together with fur-zmom instant reset, which prevents clogging and facilitates cleaning of the drums.

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