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Purification Harvester

Includes transport board mill with an upper extension and the upper sieve and the lower mill with a sieve bottom, a fan and fur-gp actuator.
Corn and small heap, penetrated the gaps concave, palch.i louvres walkers fall on transp. board, the cat-th sends mass in the upper sieve. It is bonded to the top. sieve box. Her before hanging on hangers on a frame grind. On Stand. board mounted comb, cat-s divide the board into 4 parts. Combs make it impossible to shift to one side heaps TD in the transverse inclination of the combine.

The upper sieve pan

is a continuation of the transportation board. Connected to the board axis located at the top of the head arm, the rear edge is placed using 2-suspensions. Lower sieve pan is a box and pallet. Before the lower sieve box is suspended through the sleeve to the lower head arm and the rear part -. Through rubber bushings at suspension
TD and the sieve box is obtained by oscillatory movement of the connecting rods, which are fastened with dvuplechnymi levers.
On the sieve box set upper and lower louver sieves. Rotating flywheel, and shift rail is the opening / closing of the shutters. The slope of the blinds control probe that measures the gap between the blinds through the hatch on the left chsti grind. The top louvre screen, it is necessary for the separation of large parts of the heap.
reshetnyh lower sieve in the reverse voltage ranges. with a reduced amplitude compared to the transport board and the upper sieve box. Inspection and cleaning of the sieves is carried out through the windows in the hull sides.
Under the influence of fluctuations in the TD stratified heap and then gets on the fingers. lattice, where large osta.tsya impurities and fines fall to the top of the upper sieve. The coarse fraction, cat th covered. Air. Feed enters to the middle finger on the sieve lattice. Before unloading the upper sieve cleaning, toe grille provides uniform loading of the sieve. Therefore, the bulk of grains and small impurities screened in the beginning. verhnegoa then lower sieve. At the same time loosening the air stream blowing the heap and all light particles, for example. to polovonabivatelyu. Clean grain is sent to the bottom dec. Mill and then at pomgoschi elevator and distribution. screw falls into the hopper.
At the end of the top. sieve and caught on extended tailings, falling through between the plates and fall within the auger housing. Neobmolotye spikelets elevator sent to regrinding. Device-woo and threshed out there throwing a pile in the auger. Screw grain heap was partitioned across the cleaning width. Screw conveyor shaft is welded to the helical ribbon. Downstairs in the screw too rasmezheny sewage hatches.

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