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Bunker Harvester DON

The bunker is necessary to collect threshing grain for further discharging it into the vehicle.
The bunker includes: a body with unloading device control with a fur-IOM on and dampers horizon. screw augers, sample catcher hydraulically unloading auger drive and a pivotally-hinged cover with a biasing mechanism. The hopper is equipped with ceiling lighting, signaling filling bracket flashing light, frontal and side shields fencing.
On the right and rear walls of the hopper there is an observation window to monitor the filling of the silo.

Unloading device

Includes horizontal and sloping unloading auger, coupled with a special nozzle avtoperekrytiem output window.
Once you include it if the crankshaft rotates at a low frequency and eventually the frequency can be increased to the maximum. Vibrators include only after the unloading auger.
augers need to rasprostarneniya grain around the hopper volume. The screw is located at the top and includes a housing and a screw position with intermittent turns. Using a belt transmission shaft kontrprivodnogo activated auger itself.
hopper lid provides a large grain bin fullness and grain silos protect elements of overload on the moments refilling hoppers. To this end, the hopper lid is made as a hinged-hinged with fur-zmom biasing. The flaps cover secured to the hopper body by means of hinges, and the free hand unit are connected with screw springs fur-zmom adjustment. The side walls do not give to wake up a grain silo at filling ..
At the time of filling the hopper switchgear. grain auger sends on its axis on both sides and the top of the bunker. the hopper lid on which there is a block of springs does not give grain to climb up thus creating the conditions for filling the full volume at the same time pushing the Cover folds reducing this burden to the elevator. Screw mechanism controlled by the force of the spring unit.
sample catcher arching need for removing and increasing the speed of unloading of wet grain and others. Cultures. With this tsenlyu vibratory hopper is equipped with.

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