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Flowing PCN-1500 harvester DON.

Grinder-spreader universal PKN-1500B-01 is used for cleaning of non-grain crops.

It is necessary for grinding and dispersion of non-cereal part of the crop during harvest grain. crops, grain corn, sunflower, soybean, sorghum, canola, legumes, cereals, grass and testicular vegetable crops.
recommended pulverized straw spread over the surface of the field at harvest time. The presence of straw on the surface helps to accumulate moisture, reduce soil desiccation and, respectively, and the yield of the field. For the purpose of rapid dec. comminuted straw during its cleaning by using grinders which are hinged on harvesters and then throw it in the header field in the working width.
shredders to Don-1500B as a versatile and can throw it over the field and to lay it in the roll.

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