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Pick Harvester DON.

Provided dominance separate cleaning method on itself thresher hung platform baler which consists of draper-conveyor pick-platform with screw attachment as well as a drive mechanism and with a platform width 3.4 gripping m.

Drum pick

Status. of: a drum-rays ring sidewall supporting shoes and fur-gp actuator. The drum 2 has a disk in the holes cat th are 4 axis. They are paired spring fingers that rotate between the ring-rays. On the left pipes arranged cranks, rollers cat's rolled through profiling. track sidewalls. Because of this the fingers protrude from the bottom of the ring-rays, captured stems, lift them onto the platform includes the header and then into the space below the top of the pick ring.

speed of the web and the pick-rate rot. its drum regulate variator and changing the reel. On a large conveyor speed or frequency of rot. drum and low speed of the harvester happens gap roller and the ejection of the grain from the ears, and at small frequency and high speed stems themselves are unloaded in front of the pick-up.

The pickup must be placed so that the end of the fingers slightly touching the soil surface and at the same time full. They could capture the stalks, cat-s lie directly on the ground. Adjust the position of the finger guide shoes headers.

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