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Drive Gearing Harvester DON

Volumetric hydraulic actuators GTS-90, GST-112 needed for recoil motion from the engine to the chassis with stepless motion speed and rods provided for manual control and drive actuators ellipsoid Comrade building, road, communes. et al. of domestic and import vehicles. There are variations tapered, splined and cylindrical performances output shaft end.

The hydraulic (hydrostatic transmission GTS)

This is a device necessary for operating machines, equipment and fur-zmov using hydraulically energy. The pump and the hydraulic motor are the main components of the GTS.

It is a sort of "hydraulic paste" engine and drive the machine or mechanism, and performs the same functions as mechanical. transmission (gearbox, belt drive, a crank mechanism, etc.). The main purpose of the GTS as well as mechanically. transmission - this transformation is the mechanical characteristics of the drive motors sottvetstvenno demand loads (conversion movement type engine output link and its parameters, adjustment, overload protection, and others.)

The role of the pump drive motor can perform electric motor, a diesel engine and. others, Fr. this volumetric hydraulic drives are such names as electropump, etc. dizelnasosny

main advantages:. possibility universal conversion mechanically. x-drive motors with respect to charge. loads; ease of management and automation; ease of protection of the driving motors and working techniques organs against possible overloads; large range of infinitely variable speed of the output link; It gives more power to the unit. mass actuator; Grease surfaces exposed to abrasion using mineral oil as the working fluid.

Now it is difficult to remember the art, where the volume of unused hydraulic. Efficiency together with a wide range of technical features are its almost universal unit for mechanization and automation of various technological processes.

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