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Transmission bands, leading and steered wheels bridges Harvester DON

Bridges driving wheels DON-1500 tolko equipped with a hydraulic drive.

The bridge includes a beam box ranges, final drives with disk. brakes, the left axle, right axle, Conn. bushings and motor.
Hydraulic axial piston type enables infinitely variable speed combine to limit any ranges box.

ranges Box

includes a housing assembly with shaft , pinions and differential podshipn., fur-zmom perekl.diapazonov, speed sensor, the electro-motor starting and r / u lock. Movable gears allow the inclusion of one of the 3 bands to move the combine forward or backward.
Mehangizm ranges switch includes a housing, Bldg. locking rods switching forks switching lever, the switching roller, clamps and other parts
lock simultaneous activation ranges -.. on one incorporated stock beads zamykayutdrugoy shtokv neutral position.
Lock self-switching - switching of one of the rods can only be on condition pressed pedal lock hydraulic drive.
immobilizer - when the range of the plunger presses the ball of the switch, which opens the electric circuit of the engine start-up .

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