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G / O units combine harvester DON

Hydraulic tank mounted on the front wall of the hopper and the need for storage of oil, req. for the primary WAN and volumetric steering HS. Working fluid provides cooling, purification and temperature compensation of the volume change.


are needed to control and actuate the hydraulic consumers.
Control Valve with muscular control motor mounted under the left of the driver. To control the rest of the working bodies used 2 elektrogidroraspredelitelya solenoid operated. One ngahoditsya under the sub-frame on the right side in the direction the harvester (two sections for a harvester with GTS and three sections for a harvester without GST) and is designed to control switching actuator of the unloading auger proktrutki header and changes harvester speed.

Pressure Hydro

It is necessary for confining the pressure in the fluid potokerabochey razgruzkigidrosistemyv idle continuous slivarabochey zhidkostipi minutes. pressure HS.

Hydraulic valve with electromagnetic control

For overlapping channel Ctrl. when operating electrohydraulic control valves with a main hydraulic valve construction pose with electromagnetic control, comprising work synchronously with the switching of one of the sections of the electric switchboard.

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