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Electrical DON-1500

On-ma electrical equipment consists of a single wire, with the post. Voltage and current. to 24 volts, AC generator with integrated rectifier. The main feature of the electrical DON-1500 yavl. use of automatic control system (ACS) for a technical process and Comp. performance of DOS. aggregates.


ACK enables metering drum vrasch.molotilnogo frequency cleaning fan shaft and engine speed of the harvester DON, and also enables the control and signal frequency is lowered predelnovozmozhnom rot. threshing drum, and stop KOLOSOVA grain augers solomonabivatelya, purification shaft screw polovoizmelchitelya, on the maximum temperature of heavy oil, water and engine oil. In total, ASA provides inf. 22 of the most important parameters of the operating system. When the indicators deviate from the prescribed norms of the system warns the combine sound and light alarms.

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