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Prisp nd harvest corn and sunflower harvester DON

You can pick different prefixes on DON-1500, namely


Presented grating plate; scratching pads installed in domolach. Device in; perforating removable sieve for replacing the lower cleaning sieve; damper to the fan clean. At the time of cleaning areas with high yields of legumes using a sieve with otv.3,5 mm, the rest - 2.5 mm


Special windrowers equipped with lifters. conveyors, drive. knives, screw chopper stalks, smooth deck finish threshing DEVICE; threshing drum with reduced. gear. word frequency. in the range from 200 to 300ob / min, gaps - the entrance 25 to 30mm, exit 18 to 23mm.
In order to change the conveyor speed is necessary to replace the drive sprocket


Use when harvesting of cereals and oilseed melkosemennyh and consists of a fan counter.; extension deck drive domolachivayuschgo DEVICE; podsevnyh sieves, stryasnoy extension boards and the breakdown of the sieve.
Also, there are consoles: PPP-6, PS-4, 6-PUP, CCD 8, KMD-6 and other .

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