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Header CCD 8

Agregatiruyuetsya all combos. Slavutich, Don-1500, CLAAS, John Deere, Case, Massey Ferguson, Top Liner, New Holland et al.
1.Podacha stems occurs in the absence of tilt in the direction of the installation channel and provides header vozmomozhnost work at high speeds, increasing it produces.
2. to the lack of longitudinal conveyors, cat-s cut sunflower deliver baskets to cross auger, increase the reliability of the CCD 8
3. cut stalks is carried out smoothly and unstressed and proish. using 2-circular blades, reducing. loss and increase the number of collection of the crop. On these special knives used. grippers for applying the truncated baskets cutterbar to the auger more smoothly;
4. hood with special channels perform. sides, which reduces spillage of the grain header
5. avoid zastyavaniya stems on the front panel are fixed reflectivity. Screens

Characteristics CCD 8

- number of rows is eight pieces
-. row spacing - 700 mm
- 5600mm width -component
- performance header - 5.6 m / h
- header working speed up to 12 km / h
- mass of the header is not more than 1700 kg
- header size (d w * * c) - 2600 * 6090 * 1480mm
Working speed CCD 8 consider speed up to 12 km / h.. Loss of seed thus constitute no more than 2%.

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