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The header PSP-10

A unique header is needed to clean cleaning unit to combine all areas of its vozdelki

Description:. Type header - mounted, working width of 6 meters, series -. eight

It is necessary for sunflower harvesting. It provides slice vymolotku seeds of baskets, piles of separation, assembly cleaned. seed in the hopper, as well as grinding threshed baskets and spread them across the field.
as constructive osob.yavlyaetsya that the divider has the ability to stalk. work in 2 Pos. in order to reduce the cutting height during harvesting undersized varieties; as the presence of spacers excludes req. substituting drive sprocket in the feeder housing, thereby reducing the time of aggregation, and increased sidewall windshield screen and are impossible to transfer baskets therethrough, thereby reduce the losses; hinge fastening dividers stems and exclude their premature failure during arrivals on the obstacle, allowing not to reduce the speed of collecting low-growing varieties on the uneven terrain.

Characteristics PSP-10

Performance conditions yield 20 quintals / hectare is 6.5 tons per hour
Working speed believe 5 - 9 km / h
Row spacing is 700 mm
Weight 1800 kg
header Size (D * W * H): 2780 * 5760 * 1390 mm
seed losses do not exceed 2.5%
lowest cutting height is 600 mm

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