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Attachments KMD-6 and CMM-6

They are used for harvesting six rows of corn to row spacing of 70 cm. Data Structures models are identical, the only difference is the width of the removable heads hooded. chamber and the drive arrangement of the intermediate e-ing and constructive shafts. The structure of the main components of these consoles on the nodes of consoles PPK-4. The distinguishing feature is the increased width, the direction of the grinding tubes, respectively unloading and filling grain TC razmelchonnoy sheet weight comes from only one side.
Implements threshing harvesting maize cobs hereinafter, pulverizing and collecting cormophyte weight.

In the header installed alarm system that allows the combine to produce cockpit control tehnologich stroke. process.

The advantages of these headers are the present-day. nodes design gidrofitcirovannyh folding spout and discharge control cormophyte mass and Automatic. tensioning device actuators.

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