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Combine Harvester self-propelled RGB-9-1 "Slavutich"

Universal harvester suitable for use in a variety of cultures, complete with the proposed attachment. It works with large manufactures. comp. to 16 m / h, provided that the threshing quality. Design Call. work for blockages and moist soil carrying the assembly from 35 to 50 ha / day. Driving-cab layout hopper engine gives a high stability movement transp. speed without any "galloping" and reliable. control and min. belt and chain drives, along with the available elementovprivodov and comfort combine.

Advantages of RGB-9-1

Each new season presents new and different difficulty in cleaning is nevertheless required to be performed reliably and with high productivity
combines "Slavutich" can optimally soot. all of these requirements. drive mechanisms and high-performance hydraulic system optimally soot. Harvester sposob.otlichnoy parameters and power transmission to the working parts of the engine.
Transmissions with 4 bands for moving forward and backward. The selection is made by a fur-ZMA changeover. ranges. Hydrostatic drive demonstrates the benefits during the turn and move forward and backward without req. clutch and transmissions to others. transmission.
A great attention is given to CREATE. comfort for the combiner, to minimize his fatigue and keep it produces high. in tech. change.

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