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Combine harvester NIVA

These include our body, reel, cutter bar, auger and fur-zmy drive and settings. Housing header articulated way mounted on the Knuckle. chamber at the center. hinge and suspensions.
suspension is adjustable in length in order to avoid distortions header RH. threshers. The basis of the header is welded housing. Sazdi Nope there are cat-s removable support may take the working or transport position. Operating position of supports used during Undermount, repair and storage. Below body disposed guide shoes which are front pillar header in case of a direct method of cleaning a copier. field relief. Shoes can take any of the 4-pos. thereby adjusting the height of the cut stems.

counterweight mechanism header

This is a lever system which is equipped with tension springs and blocks their quantity proportional to the header width. In the case of harvesting the copying of the relief pressure should be 200-300N. The pressure springs provide tension blocks.

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