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Harvester thresher NIWA

This base portion and the need to combine threshing coming from feeder grain mass grain separation and its accumulation in the hopper.

Composition grind

- housing grind
- receiving beater
- drum
- concave
- top box
- straw walker
- cleaning
- conveying hopper device and the unloading device

One of the basic conditions for high-performance harvester thresher is bandwidth. It is achieved by soot. setting the working bodies. Drive working bodies occurs by means of multi-ribbed belt transmission from the engine crankshaft.

thresher housing includes a frame, the side panels and the cover. Fartuhom between the front screen and the threshing mornings PTO has stone trap.

Receiving beater need to receive and direction of the Corn. Device for the mass of the threshing and includes four comb blades disposed on a shaft. Rotating shaft via a chain drive.

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