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Cleaning harvester NIVA

Includes roar sieve pan, fan and fur-gp drive.

The roar includes a frame upper sieve, stryasnuyu board with the top fingers. louver sieves and Extension screen.

Stryasnaya board articulated manner is bonded to the upper sieve frame suspended on the frame front and grind Port. With the top. dvuplechnyh heads of levers and connecting rods oscillating shaft.
behind crashing hung on hangers from a metal.


is nothing but a metal box, which is set louvre sieve.

Fan stonecrops actuated via V-belts from the main shaft through the variator kontrprivodnogo. Impeller rotational speed is controlled on the scale.

fur-gp cleaning drive shaft is represented by the vibrational dvuplechnyh with rods and levers. An oscillating shaft essentially cranked actuated. produ belt assistance from the superior. the counter shaft to the right and leads to kolebat. dvizh.grohot and a sieve pan. Bottom heads of rods are on the necks of the crankshaft, and the upper Port. a tubular shaft through the rubber seals.

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