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Bunker Harvester NIWA

is required for accumulation of grain during operation and includes a housing and a vibratory device elektrosignalizator. The cavity is partly hopper grain elevator with switchgear. screw and horizontal auger unloading device.

A vibratory device

It is necessary for the purpose of bridging the grain mass destruction and to ensure its polnuyuzh unloading from the bunker. Includes a hydraulic vibrator and oscillating platform pivotally soezhdinennuyu with its stem.

Electric switch

is located at the inside of the hopper and fixed to its roof, and a switch with a spring-loaded tow-valve. During filling hopper grain mass tilts the valve thus closing the electric circuit the signal lamp cockpit instrument panel. Its setting is performed empirically.
Also, in order to avoid losses of grain hopper equipped with a lid.

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