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stacker Harvester NIWA

Need for forming stacks grain part of the crop and is formed by a bottom, a valve overlap upper chamber and the side walls.
In order to more fully utilize the chamber cavity stacker equipped for solomonabivatelem sealing polovonabivatelem straw and chaff to seal. Their drive takes place via a chain drive from the rear counter. To control kopnielem in semiautomatic or automatic cycles serve as a mechanism for discharging the stacks, slam-discharging device, with automatic hydro-ma valve closure and the bottom as well as an electric switch.

The bottom stacker

Is turntable portion cat th manufactured as a finger lattice.

hydro-s-ma stacker

Includes 2 cylinder close the valve and lift the bottom, distributor, unloading sensors stacks, c-th pipeline, fur-gp changeover Nia switching. shtyangi control valve linkage and stop. Is a hydraulic valve on the left of the mill.

Slam-discharging Device in

It is necessary for the protection of fur-zmov stacker from overloading. When dosttizhenii stated podpressovanosti straw weight or stop drives fur-zmovza hit by them outside objects mane unloaded automatically.

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