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chopper PUN-5 NIVA harvester

It is necessary to Sec. or Joint. straw hat with sex in 6 schemes:

1. Collection of straw and chaff in alternated trailed capacity for up to 45 m³.
2. Collection chop. or whole straw together with a non-removable sexual clings EMK., which is used as a stacker and unloaded using heavy harvester.
3. Collecting chaff in a removable trailer and swath grind. straw or whole for its posleduyusch.podborki forages or others. machinery.
4. Collecting chaff into a trailer, and it spread to mulchirovki soil as fertilizer or plowing.
5. Laying Grind. or whole straw with a sexual swath Later Click. its selection forages or others. machinery.
6. Mulchirovka and grind the soil fertilizer. straw with sex to spreading the masses.
Choosing the proc. circuit occurs in the head. on climatic cond. and specialization. economy.

The components and the device

Put on processors instead stacker at the end of the straw walker. Is a refining and transporting device control, installed in the hood.

It consists of rot. drum with knives mounted in 6 rows and fixed shearbar. Conveying Devices in includes a screw and a fan.

The principle of operation

Podroblennaya straw and chaff screw and fan are sent through a pipeline directly into trailed capacity. Coupler enables a quick change of trucks.

In order to spread and storage of non-grain weight shredder complement trough spreaders and suzitelyami rolls.

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