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Pick harvester NIVA

It is necessary for the selection of rolls provided separately combining.
Platform baler includes a platform, a spacer, and the pick-fur-gp drive.


harvester moves along the rows so that the roll is between the supporting wheels in the middle of the width of the pick-up. Podbirayusch. fingers lift up roll combing stubble and then moved to a grain auger weight. When the mass collected, picks fingers come into sliding. steblesemn contact with the edge. and proihodit removal of stems. Normalizer grips with the fingers grain mass to the conveyor and moves it under the auger platform. Then the grain mass with the assistant. screw moves at beater spacers, whereupon hooded conveyor. chamber is fed into the thresher.
apparatus and slave. platform process the same processes and the device header. Unlike bookmark. in the absence of reel cutting. ann. as well as balancing the fur-ZMA.
The spacer device and the assignment is similar to the header except that it is rigidly attached to the platform.
Pick is pivotally Port. platform conveyor balanced. device control, which rests on the wheels.
conveyor includes a frame, roller drive shaft, a conveyor belt and the mantle steblepodemnik. The chain tension is adjusted with the assistant. tightening screws.
balanced. Device of the thrust represents 2 with tension springs, which comp trunnion normalizer with windshield beam platform. The value of the wheel load is regulated by means of nuts rev. tension springs inside the cage. Each holder has a lock which closes the cage in transp. position, thereby eliminating the build-up pick-up during the combine movement.
Transport with Open-loop. a holder, rollers and selection zamkn.oboymoy thereby causing failure of the harvester.
The joint razgruzhayusch.ustr Islands with cranks normalizer allowing to fix it in the open Pos. and pull your fingers normalizer offering. mass to transp. tape.
Drive picker comes from kontrprivodnogo shaft receiving rotation from the card. transmission.
conveyor drive receives from the card. shaft with a single universal joint.

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