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Transmission, bridges and leading the steered wheels harvester NIVA

PPC need for change in torque, velocity and direction of motion of the motor from the drive wheels.
Includes housing, primary, intermediate and secondary shaft mounted with gears. On the secondary shaft should master. GP gear and the parking brake pulley. At the checkpoint also have tormozok primary. tree, fur-gp blocking gear lever and an electrical switch incomplete enable transmission.
tormozok needed for a quick stop at a gear
The locking mechanism eliminates gear shifting with headlights on reminder clutch or their self-termination.

Bridge steerable wheels

It is located behind the frame and includes a beam steering knuckles, GC and tie rod. Rotation takes place under the influence of GC hinged Port. with the right wheel using the lever.

The bridge of the drive wheels

The torque is transmitted fist to the drive wheels takes place by means of the Single-variator speed of movement, the slave unit which stands on the shaft podshipn housing. through drive shaft, the clutch engages. and CPR, the differential gears side thereby obrzuya Drive.

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