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Hydraulic aggregates Harvester NIWA

The basic hydraulics required to lift and lower headers, changing harvester velocities, speed molotvila and the threshing drum, reel offset horizontally and vertically, clean air intake of the engine radiator, to improve. unloading grain from the hopper and closing stacker. In addition, provided with picking combine harvester truck trailer osn.GS is possible to manufacture the trolley automatic coupler to combine and also its tipping


-. GC lifting and lowering the header
- GC lifting and opskaniya reel
- GC reel variator
- GC horizontal movement of the reel
- GC opening and closing the stacker
- distributor stacker
- Vibrator hopper < br /> - the main hydraulic pump
- HZ threshing drum variator
- the main distributor

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