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Electrical Harvester NIWA

Schematic harvester system is a single wire and is designed for the voltage 12Volt DC

Electrical includes

-. Current sources with a control device
- instrumentation
- signaling equipment
- the trigger
- electric
- switchgear
- electric

Management Electronic Equipment and monitoring comes from the cabin.

include the battery and the gene for combines power sources NIVA erator.
battery feeds current of PD starter and electric rapbotayuschem at idle or low speed of the engine crankshaft.
generator charges the battery and supplies all consumers with a nominal frequency of rotation of the crankshaft.

Starter serves starter and is located on the main or starting engines.
Lighting consist of transport and work lights, front and rear lights, lanterns and the silo cabin, emergency lights and portable lights.
to instrumentation NIVA include the current pointer Pressure Niya oil, water temperature, EUK-3.
Warning equipment needed for the control of the organs and the most critical parts, and fur-zmov.

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