Harvester ksk-100

KSK-100 - a Soviet self-propelled forage harvester, is made on the "Gomselmash" from 1977 to the early 90s. The most common forage harvester in the USSR in the 80s. Designed for mowing grass, silage corn and other crops with simultaneous chopping and loading into vehicles, as well as roll selection.

Harvester ksk-100

KSK-100 Combine

In 1986, the processor has been upgraded, and there were modifications of KSK KSK-100A and 100A-1. the latter had the chassis terrain and driving axle with blocking, due to which provides high-quality crops cleaning on waterlogged peat soils and the depth of the track at the same time 2 times less than that of KSK-100A.

Then, were created 100A-CSC-2 and CSC-100A-3, as well as modifications drum kit header widths of 3 m for harvesting maize or other rough-stemmed crops: KSK-100A-B, 100A-CSC-B-2, KSK- 100A-B-3.

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