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Maize corn harvester KSK-100

The different versions KSK-100A may be:


Status. from cutting ann., the chain-slatted conveyor reel and auger. During operation of the reel headers tilting upper part gustostebelnyh plants to the header and then putting them on the platform after the cut. Header can not be engaged in cleaning the plant height the cat's more than 2.5 meters of lift height and header reel width of the platform. In this regard, recently completed a second type headers.


Allows you to make cleaning plants of any height unnecessarily they are captured for the butt and sent to the processor part of the butt and the upper part with help wring beam tilts due to Motion. machines for example. its movement.
Includes wring board, 2 side of the active medium and the passive divider, rotary drum 2 convolution. rotation, cutting axis ann., kuorpus and drive mechanism.

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