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The feed-grinding machine Harvester XK-100

propelled shredder includes a shredder machine, spout, a frame, chassis, engine, cab, drive mechanisms, and

The feeding machine

Includes four ribbed and one smooth rot. rolls. The upper rollers are spring loaded and can change its vertical position regardless of the count of feed. Feeding ann. It is engaged in sealing mass, feeding it with the necessary speed in the cutting and holding mass during cutting. By changing the frequency of the rot. feed rollers is adjusted to the feed rate of the mass cutting and soot. cutting length. takzhenahoditsya cutting length depending on the number of knives on the grinding drum.

The grinding machine

Presented by the grinding pipe, casing, and the counter-bar. The grinding. drum going from trubch. shaft thereto with weld steel discs that support zakrplyayut flat blades and vanes. Knife blades cast supports refined mass through the spout in the vehicle.

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