Parts catalog for harvesters

Maize serves to bevel crop and transporting cut material to the thresher harvester (provided direct combining) or for the stacking of crop directly to the roll (provided separate cleaning).

The header which is mounted on the combine, the platform is available in either screw design. Platform used exclusively for bevel cultures. Auger used for direct combining, as in the case of separate cleaning process. In separate embodiment for canting the crop in a windrow on the header using the cutting device with reel and mounted belt conveyer, and during selection placed baler and used screw with oblique camera (in this case cutting. Ann. A reel stand idle).

Cutting carries cut the stems on the principle of scissors. Fixed fingers are made of cast iron or steel, and are counter-rotating smotnirovany plate. Movable knives headers are typed with a triangular shaped plate segments. The cut by means of the reciprocating movement of the knife, in this case the sharp cutting edge segments cut stems.

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