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Header ZHRB-4.2

The header ZHRB nebhodimo for harvesting grain legumes, allowing you to mow and put into rolls stalks. When the rolls are dried out it is possible to continue harvesting combines, picking up and obmolachivaya grains or beans. Also, the header can be used as prokoschik.

The organization and work

ZHRB is mounted unit, suitable for tracked harvester "Niva", "Siberian" and "Yenisei-1200».

ZHRB includes

- protivonamotochnoe ekstsentikovoe winding reel which eliminates plants tine
- cutterbar svmeste with reference bashmakmi finger
- Temporarily-and-slat conveyor
- a header body unloading window
- crank drive
-. counterbalancing fur-gp
Maize operates as follows: - during movement grow stalks s using reel lean and cut off cutting. apparatus. Then with the help of conveyor weight cut off is sent to the window and unloading is carried out in the form of a roll.

Copy relfera field Turn achieve by adjusting the balancing mechanism and the required cutting height is set support shoes.

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