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Maize ZHZB-4,2 / ZHBV-4,2

ZHBV-4.2 (counter-flow) with a crank drive is used by farmers and agricultural enterprises during cleaning legumes . After the slice cultures are placed into a tight roll. Also, the header can be used to obkosa and swath cultures.

The benefits include improved mozhdel reel gets rid of winding vegetation in the process, kontriprivod which protects the mechanisms header from damage and the new cutting unit allows you to quickly srezs help two movable knives ensure minimum PONV crop and qualitatively stack rolls


- maximum speed up to 10 km / h, up to 8 km / h at ZHZB -4.2
- working width of 4.2 meters, the platform 102 cm
- Height ota cutoff in the range of 5 to 25 cm, from 5-40 ZHZB
- header Weight - 1100 kg

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