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Maize ZHVP-6.4

ZHVP - 6.4 (trailed roll) is necessary for forming a bevel and the rolls with average grain crops. and low productivity in the steppes for more optimal harvesting downloads with high efficiency class "Don", "Dzhon Dir", etc.

Makes swath of good quality and the best powerful, greater efficiency of work on the bevel and selection..; improved working conditions for the mechanic

Using enables to reduce cost, provided razdeltnoy cleaning and release some harvesters with headers thereby optimizing the art park.


Width capture is 6.4 meters
Max. Ed speed. up to 9 km / h
Transp. speed of 20 km / h
produces. reaper 4.5 m / h
cutting height varies from 80 to 250 mm Width
platform is 1050mm, the exhaust-window is 1265 mm Amount
knife double strokes is 497 pcs / min
frequency rot. reel ranges from 38 to 49 revolutions per minute
Weight header 2tonn
Drive MKSH


5 lobed, 2ekstsentrikovym, protivonamotochnym reel a metal block. rollers which are provided. Durability. work fur-ZMA blade pitch. The drive chain, it Spanish. Fuse. Coupling that provides uninterrupted assembly work on Wed. and high grain yield. Bevel gearbox, spring and damper compensator.
It is aggregated at the wheel of the tractor linkage. Cl. 1.4 and 2.0 m such as (UMZ-6 MTZ-50,80,82)

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