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Mounted mowers

In fact, this attachments, cat th is used for grinding and cut grass and small bushes on the roadside Terre. and / agricultural land.

Types mowers

At present, produce many kinds of mower for tractors from prosteyshnih to high-tech working bodies, with el. . Management and shockproof security systems

There are these mowers

- manipulators brush cutters
- biased mowers horizon. rotors
- lateral disc
- univers. mulcherovschiki
- if necessary obkose barrier fencing. roads
- Loader frame
- mower conditioner

Base tractor

depending on the drive type, the working head width mowers of max. possible mowers luffing from consumption. . Powerful, the basic parameters are prepared tractors:

- tractor width
- engine power;
- presence PTO output to the front. of the tractor;
- presence counterweights
Besides classical. options, are very popular right now mowing robots, which are unmanned power -in you with independent engine exercise-operating with my mobile. the remote control.

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