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Throwers of grain

Throwers of grain c electric drive designed for loading grain in the vehicle, mechanical. shoveling and the forming clamps grain on the open currents in granaries.

Description of the machine design.

includes a frame with a stroke. part, a conveyor for loading with 2 T-shaped cut. feeders; frame pivoting on the cat-th set trimmer fur-PCA movement and control unit.

kostruktsii frame is welded, fastened 3-wheeled. Rear-wheel drive, leading coupling parts connecting with the axes. Disabling coupling occurs during Transportation Zernometatel manually, towing and turns on the turns. In front of the fifth-wheel mounted through forward running.

composite structure. Bldg. Trimmer includes two rigid sidewall fixed in them bearing housings cover and drive drum. Trimmer assembly is mounted on a pivoting frame ZM and zakrepleyaetsya to its longitudinal corners. Rotating trimmer performed manually with pom. arm with a clamp to the desired recline lift sock. On the frame plate mounted post. closed brake for locking the pivoting. framework. Fur-gp samoperedvizheniya includes a stroke control gear lever, the electric motor and V-belt transmission. In order to start and stop the motor at the set ZM controls.

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