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Driving roller chain

OL-chains consist of external and internal links. Individual circuit components considered external plate. and ext. links, rollers, bushings and rollers. inside the plate. link attached to the sleeves with a tension and forming the unbreakable connection. Roller free way comes into the sleeve and thereby forming a cylindrical articulation. compound. Outer plates are pressed with rollers at the ends flared. The roller on the bushing may rotate freely engaging with teeth sprockets.

In mobile connections sleeves with rollers and the rollers there is a sliding friction when contacting rollers with teeth sprocket arises rolling friction.


are made 1, 2, 3, 4, respectively, and are called inline OL 2np, 3PR, 4PR. Chilo chain ranks almost proportions. load capacity. Their use makes it possible to significantly reduce the transmission dimensions in a plane which is perpendicular to the shaft axes. Produce them from the components, as well as single-row, the difference lies in increasing the length of the rollers. Due to the presence of 2 types of links of the chain units the number of contour should be even. If necessary, use chains with an odd number of CMV units use special transitional links.

There is also a circuit with curved plates, and 1-m periodicity. link - AT. They use the same links, in this regard, perhaps as an even and odd number of links. They longitudinally more pliable, and because of this, are used for shock loads.

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