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Botvouborochnaja machine bm-6

botvouborochnaja machine BM-6

Need to cut the tops of sugar beet sown with row spacing of 45 cm. It simultaneously cuts off the tops with a 6-series, collecting and loading it into the vehicle. Consists of feeler devices of the cutting apparatus with the copier, the conveyor receiver beater, the elevator leaves, botvoshvyryalnyh drums and cleaning root heads.

Technical scheme BM-6

copier BM-6 practically coincides with the CCP-ZA, is the only exception of the number of cams - FTC in their two pieces, at the BM-6 - 3 pieces. Botvosrezayuschy unit represented copier mechanisms and the circular knives, are pivotally connected to the base frame and rests on a support wheel. The probe is made in the form of a comb with 7 curly strips, connected with the stand, attached to an arm through a parallelogram suspension. Circular blades vertically fixed screw so that they were able to descend below the soil level and rise above the heads vysokoraspolozhennyh roots in soil. The height of cut is adjusted by varying clearances between the probe and the knife blade in the vertical plane, and the cutting quality in the horizontal. Botvosrezayuschy unit staffed smooth or segmented blades, depending on the job sites.

Botvosrezayuschy device

cleaner heads roots articulated manner is attached to the machine at the rear. This rotating shaft, with fixed on it with rubber whips. During the movement of the machine copying machine automatically sends the car on row. Support wheels are used to copy the soil relief between rows and support botvosrezayuschih devices at the desired height. Photocopiers, during their meeting with the heads of roots, dub their height position, displacing both knives botvosrezayuschego apparatus. Knives cut off the head of the roots with the tops and use the paddles throw them to the receiving conveyor. Next, using the tops of the beater, the loading elevator and drum botvoshvyryalnogo directs the vehicle. The beater and the loading silo tops shake up of it separated soil particles. Cleaner head by means of rotating rubber whips with circumcision removes the remnants of the roots of foliage. Beechey arranged so that they could strike the heads of the roots and place in the immediate vicinity of the soil. Under normal working distance from the ends of the pests to the soil of 10-15 cm.

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