Beet machines

Beet machines

Parts for beet machines

beet harvesting at the farm can be upgraded completely or partially

Partial modernization:. Sveklopodemnik digs roots and then work manually extract the beets from the soil, cut tops and clean the roots from the soil. Complete modernization: all cleaning operations harvester manufactured in 2 ways. In one case, all is done by the combine - and he is engaged in undermining and removing from the land of the tops roots, cut off tops, beet cleanses the soil and separate manner in the ship transport

Tk.. domestic appliances use less productive complex of two units - botvouborochnaja and korneuborochnye machine. BM-6 cuts the tops and ship, and KS-6 (PKC-6), digs and pulls roots produces clean them from the ground and loaded on trucks. Both machines are working in the same field, moving one after the other. The complex harvesting machines are six-row, they take sugar beet sown with aisles of 45 cm.

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