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RKS-6 Beet machines

An obligatory condition while collecting beet is its removal of root vegetables, for that use of PKC-6 is used in similar KC-6B purposes. Produce on the basis of MTZ-80, with the front axle, rear-wheel drive and other coll. U ..

Includes left and right movable frame with the digging. workers, authorities in the form of an act. tapered roller forks, diskoprutkovyh kornezabornikov with dammed. paws and vane bitery- ejectors, bitern. conveyors, screw cleaner, longitudinal and cross conveyor belt.

Also, the machine is equipped with auto-Mami vozhdeniyapo row and monitor the performance of Dep. slave. authorities. It differs from the KC-6B mostly construction digging out DEVICE.

they dig, lift and withdraw the roots from the soil by means of rotary plugs, which are two of rot. cones in different directions, to the base of the cylinder. rude. Cones are arranged to one another at an angle form the sockets. Root vegetables falling into the funnel, zahvatyvatsya koneusami rotating forks, gets them out of the soil and eg. to rot. kornezabornikam. From bar kornezabornika raised roots with the help of rotating beater blades to shafts and biternogo transprtnera Cleaner

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