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Forage machine CIL-2.6

The header carries the cut corn stalks and feed them to the chopping device. By working bodies carry reel, cutting. device and platform with a conveyor and dividers. Reel necessary liner stem of the cutting apparatus, and to support them with a cut after cut and laying on the conveyor. Welded onto the shaft 2 to the drive beams which are attached to tie rods which form the radial pentahedron, the grooves cat's beams set to the splines. This design makes it possible to vary the diameter of the reel using a permutation rays with strips into the grooves of the radial 5-tigrannikov.


by means of suspension fixed to the framework articulated manner fastened with brackets DOS. frame. Frame abut on 2 hrychazhnye support articulated linkages. platform header. The left support installed HC ascent and descent of the reel. The reel is enabled automatically during the transfer of the header of the transp. Pos. during business and off. while header recovery in transp. position.


made mower type. When mezhryadyah 70cm cuts 4 row, 60 cm 5. Knife drive receives a crank mechanism, the cat-th conn. using the card. and chain drives with the main card. machine shaft. Chain-and-slat conveyor includes an endless chain of 4 dressed on the upper sprocket. the drive shaft and sprockets and lower rollers. capstan.

The frame header is formed with a platform and dividers copying. shoe. The platform is made with view of the welded tubes consisting of a frame on both sides bounded shields. The end shield is Legal Basis field divider having two options work - active and passivnyy0. Wild type splitter blade includes a frame and two segmental knife (active and passive).

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