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Mower-crusher rotor KIR-1.5

and bevel grinding process thus occurs. When moving the front mower shield promotes slope counteracting plants with knives. Hinge means fixed to a shaft of the drum mowing knives, pulverized and thrown into the stems of the plant cover. Kozhus includes a guide section and visor. The mass air flow that is generated from the casing drum enters the trolley, clings to the mower or a car body.

mower is mounted on tractors class 1.4 m. PTO through the propeller shaft box with conical. gears, overrunning clutch, transmission shaft and V-belt transmission provides the drive working bodies mowers


The mower has a working widths -. 1.5 meter
Number of knives on the drum - 28 pieces
Performance mower:. - the working speed of 5.8 km / h - 0.84 hectares per hour
- the working speed of 7.1 km / h - 1.04 hectares per hour < / p>

cut height is adjusted manually in the range from 50 to 400 mm

Max vol. drum per minute is 1500 rev / min
consumption powerful. no more than 30 horsepower

Weight 1200 kg mowers
Dimensions mowers 6000 * 2700 * 39000mm

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