Tillage equipment

Tillage equipment

Tillage equipment necessary for the prepared soil before sowing, embedding seeds, cultivation, inter-row cultivation and other activities.


Use the purpose for soil full depth of the arable layer and also for removing turf soil separation and pulverization parts by weight of the total land. The plow is designed as a wedge which first cuts the soil and then chips and wraps it. Plow called the main instrument for the cultivation and for preparing land for planting and weed control.


Use the development of reservoirs for surface loosening and elimination of weeds to hurt crops and scratching the turf. Divided into the tractor and horse and structurally to the teeth and disc. Teeth used for the purpose of surface treatment, and other disk for deeper work


are used for the purpose of continuous and inter-row cultivation and is also 2 types of horse and tractor.; divided into Grubber required for deep loosening of soil, Extirpator to eliminate weeds and scarifiers for the purpose of cutting the meadow sward.


Apply to soil compaction, some produce not only seal but also loosening of the surface layers. Rollers there are smooth, ribbed, annular, or stellate same smeshnnnyh types.

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