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Plow PLN-8-35

Essential for plowing soil under cereals and technical culture to a depth of 30 cm, provided that the soil is not clogged with stones, flagstones, and other obstructions that have specific resistance in the range up to 0.09 MPa (0.9 kg / cm2), hardness of the soil to about 3.0 MPa (30 kg / cm2) and the soil humidity about 12-15%.

is used at Plow in zones 1-9, 11-14, 16, 17-19. To maintain the desired operating parameters, such as processing speed and working depth that enforce agronomic requirements, the plow can be reformatted into 8-mikorpusny hinged. This procedure was carried out using the method of weaning the last body.

Technology tillage plows PLN process

There is a trail. way: Coulter uglosnim undercuts or topsoil to depth of about 12 cm, and then carries out its revolution, and after laying this on the bottom of the furrow. Laid layer hiding the rising reservoir and the main body turns as a result - is obtained deep incorporation of weeds and crop residues .

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