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Harrow BTC-7 (disk heavy)

Executes works such as stubbling Burke perennial grasses before and after plowing soil, prepares the ground after harvesting row crops, carries mulching, Early spring boronovka - closing moisture carries seedbed preparation. It used the following technique -. Tractor K-700, K-701, T-150 and their modifications

The basic nodes include middle and two side frame, trailer axle together with support wheels, disk batteries grebnerez , the mechanism of adjusting the angle of attack of disk batteries, hydraulic lifting mechanism and the side frames. Dispatching this harrow for 2-pneumatic wheels, mandatory transport condition are raised side frames. At the bottom of the side frames set 4 coin-cell battery (two front and two rear). Discs batteries - spherical shape with cutouts. machining depth is controlled by changing the angle of attack of the disc batteries.

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