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Drill for beet sst-12

Seeder beet SST-12

is used with tractors of from 0.9 to 2 m. The hinged design with width of 5.4 meter. Number of rows - 12. Performance is 5 hectares per hour. . Need for in wide, dotted and combined sowing seeds of sugar and other beet

Seeder SST-12 consists of:

  • Working section
  • fertilizer distributing machine < / li>
  • frame
  • support-drive wheels
  • marker
  • attachment
  • the drive mechanism

    The seeds from the hopper fall into the planting unit in the cell, the disc during rotation of summing cells seeded to schesyvayuschemu roller. If turned in one cell 2 seed, the roller rotates in the opposite direction, eject the second seed back to the hopper. Then drive brings down cell seeds and the seed is sent to the opener if in consequence of some reason it zastryaot in the cell, it pushes the wedge pusher. Due to the fact that the cells produced in each row with the shifts, they are sent to the opener of a strictly specified intervals, and seeding occurs dashed.

    coulter forms a furrow, lays tuks, they, in turn, covered with earth, and then get in the groove seed, so that there is no contact with the fat of the seeds, and the seeds turn will not burn. Borozki cover earthing devices, press wheel compacts the soil in areas of seeds and leveled surface field trail.

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